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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions? Call 800-254-6536

General Membership Questions

  • What is ShopSmarter?

    ShopSmarter is an online shopping portal that offers members consistent 10% cash back and additional money-saving benefits when they shop at their favorite stores throughout the year.

  • Why should I join ShopSmarter?

    That's easy: Because you want to get 10% cash back practically every time you shop online — and stack exclusive coupon savings on top of your cash back, all while paying the lowest price available!

    We all want to make sure we find the best deal we possibly can whenever we shop, and ShopSmarter ensures that you will. You can earn 10% cash back again and again on your online purchases at over 1,000 retailers, including Walmart, Target, JCPenney, and other popular stores, as well as hundreds of the coolest niche sites and specialty retailers you can find online. You’ll also have unlimited access to the latest coupon offers from all of those stores, including free shipping offers, percentage-off discounts, and much more! Plus, with our innovative search tool, you can find any product sold across our cash-back network — covering over 100 million items — and compare prices on it instantly!

    If you like to save consistently when you shop online at your favorite stores, you’re going to love ShopSmarter!

  • How safe is the ShopSmarter website?

    Completely safe! Over 1,000 retailers participate with ShopSmarter, from brand-name outlets to specialty and niche stores, and each one is trustworthy and well-regarded.

  • What's included with a ShopSmarter membership?

    When members shop through ShopSmarter, they get 10% cash back — automatically and consistently — at over 1,000 stores, along with the latest coupon offers at those retailers. They can also use our price comparison tool to find the lowest available prices on over 100 million items sold by those stores.

  • How much does a ShopSmarter membership cost?

    ShopSmarter members get an introductory trial with full access to the benefits, and then the membership is up to $12.97 per month.

  • If I have a question, who should I contact?

    You can contact our ShopSmarter Customer Service Team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using the "Contact Us" form or emailing us directly at We're also available by phone, toll-free at 800-254-6536 .

  • How can I cancel my membership?

    Just sign in to the ShopSmarter site and click the "Help" link. Then click the "Cancel" tile, and follow the instructions. You may also request to cancel by emailing us at or by calling our Customer Service Team at 800-254-6536 . We will process your cancellation right away. Learn more about how to cancel your membership


    IC *SHOPSMARTER.COM (Telephone Support: 800-254-6536 ) is the billing descriptor that appears on your credit/debit card statement when you are billed by ShopSmarter for your introductory trial and monthly membership cost.

10% Cash Back

  • How does the 10% cash-back offer work?

    As an active ShopSmarter member, you can earn 10% cash back on every eligible online purchase you make at over 1,000 stores when you use our links to shop at those stores. You can earn up to $1,000 every membership year in 10% cash back, which will be automatically credited to your Savings Center account once a retailer notifies us about a qualifying purchase. To qualify for 10% cash back, you must make your purchases through US-based websites (which carry .com extensions); if you make a purchase through a Canadian website (i.e., a site that uses a .ca extension), it won’t be eligible for 10% cash back. Please be aware that if you want to ship an order to Canada, you may be re-directed to the retailer's .ca site, and the order will therefore be ineligible for 10% cash back. Also, if you use a coupon that isn’t available on the ShopSmarter website, that purchase may not be eligible for 10% cash back.

    Savings tips: You can use our search tool to find out whether any specific store participates with ShopSmarter and to reach that retailer's ShopSmarter page.

    You can also use our search tool to look for specific products — and to find the lowest possible price on any product available at our participating retailers! Just type a description of the product into the search bar, using anything from a common term ("basketball sneakers") to an exact description ("adidas Boys' D Rose 773 Iv Basketball Sneakers from Finish Line"), to see a list of every item matching your chosen term. You can keep narrowing down your search results by using any or all the four filters — Price, Category, Brand (e.g., adidas), and Store (e.g., Macy's).

    Plus, the search results will show you the prices on every item offered at participating retailers, allowing instant comparisons, as well as any available coupon deals that could further reduce the price you pay (along with your 10% cash-back savings).

    Thanks to our search tool, you can shop with greater peace of mind, confident that you've found the best possible deal at more than 1,000 online stores!

    Be sure to check out our Terms of Service for complete information about the 10% cash-back benefit.

  • How do I make sure my purchase qualifies for 10% cash back?

    To be eligible for 10% cash back, you must be an active ShopSmarter member when you place your order, and the purchase must be made using a link from the ShopSmarter website. The purchase must also be made via a U.S.-based website (i.e., it has to use a .com extension); orders placed on Canadian websites (which use .ca extensions) don’t qualify for 10% cash back. Please be aware that if you want to ship an order to Canada, you may be re-directed to the retailer's .ca site, and the order will therefore be ineligible for 10% cash back. Also, please note that if you use a coupon that isn’t available on the ShopSmarter website, that purchase may not be eligible for 10% cash back.

    For full details on how purchases qualify for 10% cash back, please review the Terms of Service.

  • Why wouldn't a purchase of mine qualify for 10% cash back?

    There are a few reasons why your purchase might not qualify for 10% cash back: You might not have made your purchase in the browser window that opened when you clicked the “Visit Store” button, for example, or you might have returned the purchase to the retailer, either of which would make it ineligible for 10% cash back. Please be sure to read the Terms of Service for more information about why a purchase might not qualify for 10% cash back.

  • How do you calculate my 10% cash back?

    The amount is determined by dividing the subtotal you pay for a qualifying purchase (i.e., the total minus taxes, shipping and handling, and other charges) by 10. If your purchase qualifies for any discount(s) or coupon offer(s) from the online retailer, the 10% cash back will be calculated using the subtotal price you pay after any such discounts are applied. Because you can earn up to $1,000 in total cash-back payments (including special promotions that may be offered from time to time) per membership year, you may receive less than 10% cash back on the order that reaches your annual $1,000 limit. For more information, please read our Terms of Service.

  • When do I receive my cash-back earnings?

    You’ll receive a check for your cash back earnings every month for all qualifying purchases made the from the previous month. Therefore, you’ll receive a check for every month you shopped and earned cash back through ShopSmarter. Please allow 2-3 weeks for cash back payouts to process. All cash back earnings will be tracked in your Savings Center within 5-7 days of your purchase.

  • When I check my Savings Center account, I see "Pending," "Paid," and "Declined" in the “Status” column. What do those terms mean?
    • "Pending" means an online retailer has informed us that it’s shipped a cash-back qualifying purchase of yours.
    • "Paid" means the cash back was approved and sent to you as part of your payout check. that Your Savings Center will show you all “paid” cash back you’ve earned since the start of your membership.
    • "Declined" is used to indicate a purchase ineligible for cash back. For example, if you return a purchase that would have earned you cash back, you’ll see that cash back amount marked as “declined” in your Savings Center.
  • What does a red purchase in my Savings Center account mean?

    If a purchase listed in red, it means that an item from your purchase has been returned and is therefore ineligible for 10% cash back.


  • Why doesn't every participating store offer a free shipping coupon?

    You’ll find quite a few free shipping coupons on our site, but you’ll also find all sorts of other offers, including percentage-off discounts, “buy one, get one free” deals, and much more. Every coupon offer is determined by the individual retailer. All our participating stores refresh and update their offers all the time, so if the deal you’re looking for isn’t available, we encourage you to check again shortly after!

  • Do retailers place any restrictions on the use of their coupons?

    You may have to enter a coupon code at checkout to redeem coupon offers at some retailers but not at others. Several retailers also limit their customers to one coupon redemption on any purchase. If a retailer places limits on a specific coupon offer, those restrictions will appear when you click “Visit Store” on that coupon.

Special Offers

  • What is the Special Offers page on ShopSmarter?

    The Special Offers page is your one-stop spot for exceptional savings on top products and services. You can view deals and discounts on subscriptions services, health and fitness memberships, groceries and other things you love, all in one place.

  • How do I get to the Special Offers page?

    You can navigate to the Special Offers page by clicking the “Special Offers” tab, now visible in your main menu next to “Savings Center”.

  • If I purchase an offer from the Special Offers page, will I earn cash back?

    Right now, you will only receive savings specific to the offer itself. Offers claimed via the Special Offers page are not yet eligible for cash back earnings and will not be tracked in your Savings Center.

  • How do I save an offer for later?

    Just click the star on the offer tile to save it. You can view all your saved offers in the “My Saved Offers” tab on the Special Offers page.