Terms of Service

Effective Date: July 22, 2022

As a ShopSmarter™ member, you can get Cash Back on the purchases you make at 1,000+ participating online stores, plus unlimited access to coupon deals from those stores and (ii) certain cash back offers from participating retailers for qualifying purchases using a eligible linked payment card, each subject to the terms and conditions below.


As a ShopSmarter member, you can enjoy 10% Cash Back on online purchases made at 1,000+ retailers via the program website. You also have the chance to earn 20% Cash Back at a number of stores during our limited-time promotions. All Cash Back eligibility is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • For your purchase to be eligible for Cash Back, you must click one of the shopping links provided, via either a coupon deal or a “Shop Now” button on a participating store’s page on ShopSmarter. The participating store’s website will open automatically in a new tab on your browser window. You must complete your purchase within the new tab that opens to be eligible for Cash Back. Failure to do so will make your purchase ineligible for Cash Back
  • To be eligible for Cash Back, your purchase must be made on a U.S. website with a .com extension. Purchases made on Canadian websites, which use .ca extensions, or other domains associated with a non-U.S. country are not eligible for Cash Back. If you choose to have your purchase shipped to Canada, you may be re-directed to the store’s .ca site, in which case your purchase will not be eligible for Cash Back.
  • All members in both the United States and Canada are billed for their membership and paid out for their earnings in US Dollars (USD). 
  • At times, some stores may be temporarily unavailable or removed from our program without notice. Store availability is out of our control as participation is determined by the stores themselves. 
    • Stores voluntarily participate in our program and may be subject to change without notice. Some stores may be temporarily unavailable or removed from our program outside of our control.
  • You can earn Cash Back on in-store pickups from select stores on ShopSmarter. Eligible stores will have the "In-Store Pickup" icon on their store pages. You can also view eligible stores on our Buy Online Pickup In-Store page. Stores determine whether to participate with their curbside and/or in-store pickup options and they may change or discontinue their participation at any time.

Please be aware of the following guidelines for Cash Back eligible purchases:

  • ShopSmarter receives information about your purchases from our participating stores, allowing us to offer you Cash Back on your purchases. We determine, at our sole discretion, whether or not a purchase made through a ShopSmarter participating store is eligible for Cash Back. We reserve the right to deem a purchase ineligible for Cash Back if a participating store does not report an order to ShopSmarter or if it withholds payment to us for any reason.
  • We reserve the right to deny cash back, rescind cash back and/or ban any member whom we believe, in our sole discretion, is abusing or has abused the ShopSmarter program. This includes (but is not limited to) returning items or cancelling orders after cash back has already been granted or creating more than one account per household. Abuse or fraud related to the collection of cash back, or misrepresentation of information you provided to ShopSmarter, may result in the termination of your account and forfeiture of cash back. If we, for any reason, suspect fraudulent activity on your account or violation of these Terms or any law, we reserve the right to delay, decline, or withold payment of cash back. Any suspected or actual cases of fraudulent activity will be escalated and reviewed in accordance with our fraud process. All decisions made by ShopSmarter are final. 
  • By joining ShopSmarter and accessing your benefits, you give ShopSmarter permission to review your account with participating stores whenever we suspect fraudulent or inappropriate activity.
  • There are any number of reasons why a participating store may not report a purchase to us, including but not limited to the following actions on your part:
    • You visit a store's website without first visiting ShopSmarter links.
    • You make a purchase in a browser window or tab other than the one that opened when you clicked a ShopSmarter link.
    • You make multiple purchases without returning to our website.
    • You change, cancel, or return your purchase from a participating store.
    • You don’t abide by the Cash Back restrictions imposed by a participating store. You can view Cash Back restrictions at a participating store by visiting that store’s ShopSmarter page.
    • You click on a participating store’s link from a different website, thereby causing your purchase to be credited to that website instead of ShopSmarter.
    • You have a variety of tabs open for a participating store, and you make your purchase in a tab other than the one that opened when you clicked on a ShopSmarter shopping link.
    • You make multiple purchases across several stores while using a single shopping cart provided by a "parent" company to these various stores. To be eligible for Cash Back, you can only make purchases at one store at a time when shopping through ShopSmarter.
    • You type a new web address (URL) in the browser tab that opened after you clicked on a ShopSmarter shopping link.

Any of these actions would make your purchase ineligible for Cash Back.

  • Any order that is returned or cancelled will not be eligible for Cash Back.
  • Any order that we deem, in our sole discretion, a high-volume/reseller order will not be eligible for Cash Back. ShopSmarter membership benefits are only available to personal, non-commercial purchasers.
  • Purchases of gift cards and/or e-gift cards are not eligible for Cash Back.
  • Purchases of Apple products will not be eligible for Cash Back.
  • If any item in your order is purchased with a gift card, store credit, or store "cash", that purchase, in its entirety, will not be eligible for Cash Back.
  • Purchases that contain items "shipped to store" are not eligible for Cash Back. To be eligible for Cash Back, every item in your purchase must be shipped to a residential, non-retail address.
  • Purchases that are billed to a mailing address that doesn't match the mailing address registered in our member record are not eligible for Cash Back.
  • You can earn up to a maximum of $1,000 in Cash Back through ShopSmarter each membership year. Please note that this $1,000 maximum includes Cash Back earned via the standard 10% Cash Back benefit as well as Cash Back earned through other offers (including but not limited to 20% Cash Back promotions at specific stores and/or during specific time periods) available through ShopSmarter. Once your total Cash Back earnings reach $1,000 during any membership year, you will not be eligible to receive Cash Back on ShopSmarter purchases until the first day of your next membership year.
  • From time to time, ShopSmarter offers special promotions, including deals through which members can earn more than 10% Cash Back during specific time periods and/or at specific stores. As noted above, the Cash Back earned through these promotions will count toward a member’s $1,000 annual maximum in Cash Back earnings. Please note that all start times and/or deadlines for these and other promotions use Eastern Time Zone (ET) hours. For example, if promotional material says that a 20% Cash Back offer will end at midnight on a certain date, the offer will end at midnight ET on that date; any purchase made after midnight ET on the promotion’s end date will not be eligible for 20% Cash Back.
  • Cash Back is applied to the sub-total amount you pay for an eligible purchase, not including taxes and other charges. If your purchase price is reduced by any deal(s), discount(s) or coupon(s) from ShopSmarter, the Cash Back offer will be calculated using the final sub-total amount you paid after all discounts were applied.
  • Your Cash Back for any eligible purchase will be credited to your ShopSmarter Savings once the store notifies us of your purchase. Notification typically takes up to 7 business days, but it can take longer if, for example, the item you bought is on back-order. You have 30 days from the date of your original purchase to inform us about any purchases missing from your Savings. You can check the status of your Cash Back earnings by viewing your Savings Activity on your Savings page.
  • You will receive a check by mail every month for all eligible Cash Back earnings. The check will cover the total amount of Cash Back earned from purchases made the previous month. Please allow 2-3 weeks for payment processing at the end of each month.
  • As long as your purchase(s) are made while you're an active ShopSmarter member, you will still earn Cash Back on your eligible purchase(s) even if you cancel your membership after you make your purchase(s).


I authorize the payment card network to monitor my transactions made at participating merchants with my registered payment card and share such transaction data with Figg (a Service Provider to Clarus Direct, LLC) and for Figg to share such transaction data with Clarus Direct. I also authorize Clarus Direct to receive transaction data from Figg relating to my use of my card, and to use such data to calculate and redeem rewards, target offers that may be of interest to me, and implement Clarus Direct Service in accordance with the ShopSmarter Local Cash Back Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, among other uses. Figg and Clarus Direct may share data with merchants and service providers participating in ShopSmarter Local Cash Back to determine if I am eligible to receive the offered reward. I may opt out of ShopSmarter Local Cash Back at any time by visiting the Local Cash Back section of my account and removing your linked card(s).

Please note: Not all cards are eligible and not all transactions can be monitored. For debit cards, run transaction as credit, do not use PIN. $250 max Cash Back per transaction and other offers may apply. See full card, offers and transaction eligibility details.

Use of Enrolled Cards and Transaction Information

  • By registering a payment card in connection with transaction monitoring, you authorize Clarus Direct to share your payment information with Clarus Direct’s Third Party Service Providers (including Figg, Inc.) and Payment Card Network (e.g., Visa, MasterCard, American Express) so it knows you enrolled. You authorize Payment Card Network to monitor transactions on your registered card(s) to identify qualifying purchases in order to determine whether you have qualified for or earned an offer linked to your payment card, and for Payment Card Network to share such transaction details with Figg and for Figg to share such transaction details with Clarus Direct to enable your card-linked offer(s) and target offers that may be of interest to you. You may opt-out of transaction monitoring on the payment card(s) you have registered by unlinking your card here . You agree that Clarus Direct and its Third Party Service Providers may view your transactions, as well as historical transactions, made by you with participating merchants.
    • “Third Party Service Providers” means third parties, including Figg, Inc. (“Figg”) that enable us to provide ShopSmarter Local Cash Back. We use Figg as our service provider to help us operate ShopSmarter Local Cash Back.
  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Privacy Policy, Company and its Third Party Service Providers will use transaction information solely as follows:
    • Use your transaction data to confirm a qualifying purchase or return to match transactions to confirm whether you qualify for a statement credit or an Offer
    • May share transaction data with the participating merchant where a transaction occurred as needed for the merchant to confirm a specific transaction occurred or points should be awarded; for example, the date and amount of your purchase and the last 4 digits of your card number so the merchant can verify your purchase with its records if there is a missing or disputed transaction
    • May provide participating merchants or Third Party Service Providers aggregated and anonymized information relating specifically to registered card activity solely to allow participating merchants and Third Party Service Providers to assess the results of their campaign
    • Create a record of the transaction data and thereafter maintain and use data in connection with operating ShopSmarter Local Cash Back
    • Provide targeted offers that may be of interest to you
    • Conducting analysis for the improvement and optimization of ShopSmarter Local Cash Back
    • May provide information in order to respond to a request from government authority or a payment organization involved in a transaction with you or a merchant
  •  You authorize the sharing, exchange and use of transaction data described above and herein by and among Clarus Direct, Clarus Direct and Figg’s Third Party Service Providers, applicable Payment Card Networks and applicable Merchants.

Local Cash Back Earnings

Only active ShopSmarter members are eligible for the local Cash Back benefit. To qualify for Local Cash Back, you must make a payment at a participating merchant using the card(s) linked to your account. Once the merchant notifies us of your purchase, your local Cash Back earnings will be added to your Savings. You will receive a check for your local Cash Back earnings every month. Should you decide to cancel your membership, you will receive any local Cash Back earnings on your next eligible payout date.

Special Notes for Visa, MasterCard and American Express Cardholders

Not all Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are eligible for registration and not all transactions with your registered Visa, MasterCard and American Express card are tracked by MasterCard and American Express. Without limitation, Visa, MasterCard and American Express Corporate cards, Visa, MasterCard and American Express Purchasing cards, non-reloadable prepaid cards, government-administered prepaid cards (including EBT cards), healthcare (including Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or insurance prepaid cards, Visa payment system, MasterCard payment system and/or American Express payment system are not eligible to participate. Do not use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) when paying for your purchases with your Card if you want the transaction to be eligible for rewards or offer completion.

To be eligible for Local Cash Back earnings, you must first link your card and enroll in Local Cash Back before your purchase is made.

  • Not all participating businesses accept every credit card type. To ensure a business accepts your linked card, please review the Local Cash Back listing before making your purchase.
  • Third party ordering services such as Grubhub, Eat24, ChowNow, Groupon, Square, etc. are not eligible for Local Cash Back.
  • Businesses participating in Local Cash Back change frequently. Be sure to confirm a business’ participation through the Local Cash Back listings before making your purchase.
  • All local transactions must be processed as credit, even if you’re paying with a debit card. If you enter your debit pin, we will not be able to track your purchase, and therefore cannot offer you Cash Back.

If none of the above circumstances apply to your purchase, please note that it can take 2-7 days for Local Cash Back earnings to appear in your Savings. This is due to businesses running credit card reports at different times throughout the week.

If you do not see your Local Cash Back earnings appear in your Savings within 7 days of your purchase, please contact customer service for assistance. It's important to have a receipt or processing information from the business to verify a purchase was made and a linked card was used.


As a member, you have unlimited access to exclusive coupon deals at 1,000+ online stores, which can help you save on purchases made at participating stores through the ShopSmarter website, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Purchases made using deals or coupon codes that are not displayed on a participating store's ShopSmarter page at the time of your transaction may not be eligible for Cash Back. To ensure that your purchase will be eligible for Cash Back, only use the coupon deals found on a participating store's ShopSmarter page.
  • To be eligible for instant free shipping, your purchase must be made via the specific coupon or deal provided on the store's ShopSmarter page. Purchases made at a participating store that were not initiated via a shopping link from our website and made in the new tab that opens automatically will not be honored.
  • To redeem some instant free shipping and discount deals, you may need to enter an exclusive coupon code during the checkout process.
  • A store's status as an instant free shipping store can change without notice.
  • Instant free shipping deals may vary, and they don’t necessarily include shipping upgrades, handling fees, insurance, or any other shipment-related charges. Please be sure to read the specific terms of the store's instant free shipping offer.
  • Coupon deal expiration dates will vary and are subject to change without notice.
  • Certain restrictions may apply to coupon deals; these restrictions are displayed when you click on a specific store’s coupon deal. Clicking the coupon deal doesn’t obligate you to accept the offer, but applying the code at checkout and completing the transaction signifies that you agree to the offer terms.


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