Frequently Asked Questions

Cash Back

ShopSmarter members can earn 10% Cash Back from 1,000+ stores in our Cash Back network. You can earn up to $1,000 in Cash Back every year you’re a ShopSmarter member. To earn 10% Cash Back with ShopSmarter, simply click on any of the deals offered on our site or use the ‘Shop Now’ button on the ShopSmarter store pages.


Once you’re ready to shop, we’ll open the store’s website as a new tab in your browser. To earn 10% Cash Back on your purchase, just shop like you already do within the new tab that opens.


Before finalizing your purchase, be sure to check the Cash Back Restrictions listed on every ShopSmarter store page to confirm your purchase qualifies for Cash Back.


Once your purchase is confirmed, the store lets us know you made an order within 5-7 days. Then, we take 10% of your order subtotal and automatically add it to your ShopSmarter Savings. Every month, you’ll get a check for the 10% Cash Back you earned from the previous month.


There are a few reasons why your purchase wouldn’t be eligible for 10% Cash Back:

  1. Your purchase wasn't made in the new browser tab.

    When you click ‘Shop Now’ on a store page or any deal available on ShopSmarter, we automatically open that store’s website in a new tab on your browser. If your purchase isn’t made within the new tab, our connection breaks, so the store won’t know to send us information about your order. Without notification from the store, we’re not able to process your 10% Cash Back.

    This can also happen if you type a different URL in the new tab we opened for you, or if you use the new tab to purchase from multiple store websites without returning to ShopSmarter.

  2. Your purchase was returned to the store.

    When you use ShopSmarter to make a purchase and later choose to return it, the store sends us a notification when they receive your return. Once your order is returned, we’re not able to process your Cash Back since your purchase no longer exists.

  3. You used the 'Ship to Store' option at checkout.

    Unfortunately, we can’t offer 10% Cash Back on purchases picked up in-store. All your purchases must be shipped to a residential, non-retail address to qualify for 10% Cash Back.

  4. The store you purchased from has Cash Back Restrictions.

    Some stores have certain restrictions that prevent us from processing your 10% Cash Back. Most of the time, these restrictions are related to the use of external coupons or the redemption of gift cards. Restrictions may be different for every store, so be sure to check for any restrictions before you make your purchase.

  5. You purchased an Apple product.

    Unfortunately, we can’t offer Cash Back on Apple products regardless of the store you purchase from.

For more information on why your purchase was not eligible for 10% Cash Back, please refer to our Terms of Service.

Your Cash Back amount for every eligible purchase is determined by calculating 10% of your order subtotal. Your subtotal is the total cost of your purchase minus taxes, shipping and handling, and any other fees added to your order at checkout.

If you use any coupons or promo codes at checkout, we calculate your 10% Cash Back using your new subtotal, after any discounts are applied.

Every month, you’ll receive a check for all your approved Cash Back earned in the previous month. You can visit your Savings page to see your membership year Cash Back total, your Savings Activity, and the amount of your next payout. Plus, you’ll get an email when your Cash Back check is on its way, so you’ll always know when to look for it in the mail.

Payout Calendar

For any eligible purchase made in a given month, Cash Back for that purchase will be paid out on the 15th of the following month.

For example, if you make a purchase between January 1-31, your Cash Back for that purchase will be paid out on February 15th. If you make a purchase on February 1, your Cash Back for that purchase will be paid out on March 15th.

Pending: means a store you shopped at let us know you made an eligible purchase and that it’s been shipped to you.

Paid: means the Cash Back you earned on an individual purchase was approved and sent out to you as part of your monthly Cash Back check.

Declined: means a purchase you made is ineligible for Cash Back, due to Cash Back Restrictions or limitations defined by the store.


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